46+ Minecraft Walking House Gif

46+ Minecraft Walking House Gif. This video is for you. The walking house addon is likely the strangest addon you will over.

Minecraft But With A Walking House Youtube
Minecraft But With A Walking House Youtube from i.ytimg.com
Walking house by mcmakistein download: Easy walking house in minecraft (minecraft 1.14) teamtc! If you want to go way away from the normal, then going the modern route has potential.

This video is for you.

Like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video! This type of house is going to stick out like a sore thumb in your typical game of minecraft, but if you're on a server that has more of a city based world then you. I'm gonna learn how to make walking minecraft houses and then i'll make one on a super flat world and just have a moving house that just walks across the world. You will be able to ride home and riding to protect against other mobs.